Child Profile

Samuel Muthenya

  • Birthday: 2010-01-01
  • Age: 13
  • Gender: Male
  • Country: Kenya
  • Residence: Nduumoni
  • Profile No.: 20047


About Samuel:

Samuel is in grade 4 at Nduumoni Primary School. 

Samuel is a happy and bright young boy who loves playing games with his friends and enjoys learning with his classmates in school. Like any child, he was born with a great potential to become a man of substance and an asset to his community. 
Unfortunately, when Samuel and his older brother were still very young, their single mother left them with her mom and ran away. They have not seen her since. Samuel's grandmom is a hardworking lady and does her best to provide for the boys but because of the poor soil in the areas she struggles to raise crops. With the work she does, she has managed to keep food on the table but she fears for the boy's future because she knows she will not be able to educate them. 

When you support Samuel in prayer and with finances, you will give him a hand to help him out of his difficult circumstances and the poverty he has been born into to become a man of God in his community and in the world. 

Community and Project Profile:

Samuel is from the Eastern part of Kenya. The community struggles with food and water because the rainfalls are few and they depend on rain fed agriculture. Typical houses are constructed with bricks and mud. The most commonly spoken language is Kikamba. 

The typical diet in this area consists of corn and beans. 

Your sponsorship will help Samuel continue going to school until he has reached his potential, provide some of his basic needs, emotional support and counseling as well as the opportunity to attend a five day bible camp once per year. 

Only $35 per month will give Samuel a life full of hope. 

Thank You!

Thank you for your interest in Samuel's life. May God bless you and remember the work of your hands. With your prayers and support, you have an opportunity to change Samuel's life and when you change one child's life, you change an entire generation!